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Baasher Ghor (Bengali for ‘Bamboo House’) is a cross-cultural art and design showcase which draws parallels along social and geographic settings and art disciplines, opening up debate and discussion on current discourse concerning the use of Bamboo.

With a clear footing in the UK, the project consists of an on-going programme of exhibitions, publications, international workshops, residencies and talks, bringing contemporary issues of sustainability, ethical practice, ethnicity, nationhood, theory of neocolonialism, neotraditionalism and ‘native’ disciplines to the forefront in order to find solutions to the built environment and future arts practice, through joint collaboration and active involvement on the field.

A call went out to creatives to respond to bamboo in context of a space, place or country and we’ve received over 35 projects from artists, sound artists, sculptors, designers, architects, poets and oral historians, from across 4 continents.

The response is growing and more artists will be getting involved during the course of the coming years. 


“In the last year I’ve had numerous conversations with architects, designers and artists regarding the use of bamboo in architecture, in space and as a craft and found that although a lot of disparate practices exist utilising bamboo, there is little that brings them together in an exchange of information which has left bamboo materially associated with a bygone, backward era.

In an age of green and sustainable rhetoric it is worth noting that bamboo is the fast growing grass in the world and spans 1/3 of the globe and comes in and out of architectural fashion every 7 or so years”

 -Organiser (2010)
 Aims and objectives of Baasher Ghor/ Bamboo House:
  • To explore the material usage of bamboo in contemporary art and design practice.

  • To consider how it is used in an everyday settings.

  • To consider how bamboo is used in connecting people in different countries and exchanging ideas and methodologies of communication.

  • To bring people who have an association with bamboo into a common dialogue.

  • To create an outcome that can be shared with audiences locally, nationally and internationally. This will be partly determined by the process each applicant has taken.

  • To accumulate in a group exhibition.

This blog has been created as a means of exchanging information and will be updated regularly as the project unfolds.


At the end of 2010 a general call went out for submissions:

“Baasher Ghor” means Bamboo House in Bengali.

This is a call for architects, designers, artists, craftspeople and writers to submit projects and artwork involving bamboo as a material in the context of space, an interior or narrative journey with an attached significance to a place, either in the country you reside in or an east/ south-east Asian country.

In the UK we mostly find bamboo in garden centres, used simply for growing runner beans. In Japan national museums are made of bamboo and in honour of its evolving history. In Bangladesh mud and bamboo huts remain the vernacular of village areas as the city encroaches into the countryside. In Indonesia traditional basket making is disappearing in exchange for plastic reproductions.

Bamboo is synonymously linked with Asia but grows across the globe, is inextricably connecting people with a place. Baasher Ghor/ Bamboo House will aim to critically analyse these linkage, forging links with practitioners from around the world.

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